Trenbolone Raw Powder

TOPRAWS 99% Trenbolone Acetate Powder Hot Sale
TOPRAWS 99% Trenbolone Acetate Powder Hot Sale
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Wholesale Trenbolone Acetate Powder/ Balkan Trenbolone Acetate / Trenbolone Acetate Powder Online/ Tren Ace / Trenbolone Acetate Powder recipe
Trade Name:Parabolan,Finaplix H,Trenabolic,Trenoid,Tren 75,Tren Fina 75,Trenbolonplex 75,Trenaject 200,Trenabol,Tren H-100,Acetren
Trenbolone Acetate (Raw Powder Form)
Product name: Trenbolone Acetate
Purity: 99.23%
Standard: USP34
Appearance: Yellow refind Powder
Storage: Cool dry place from sun, sealed. 
Use: Inject oil for bodybuilding, muscle mass,strenghth gain.
Trenbolone Acetate coupound chemical properties:
CAS ID:10161-34-9
Molecular Formula :C20H24O3
Molecular Weight :312.4028
Density :1.18g/cm3
Boiling point :486.7°C at 760 mmHg
Refractive index :1.576
Flash point :214.8°C
Vapour Pressur 1.26E-09mmHg at 25°C
Half life: 1 day
Trenbolone Acetate (Raw Powder) Profile:
Trenbolone Acetate by far, the most popular injectable version of trenbolone. This is mainly because it's been the easiest to obtain for most steroid users. For almost a decade, you couldn't visit a steroid forum without seeing threads about Finaplix-H conversions. This trend died down when UG labs came around and made costly and dangerous conversions unnecessary.
How to dose Trenbolone Acetate properly?
Average Dose (Men): 35-100mg 3x/Week Average Dose (Women): N/A Average Cycle: 3-8 Weeks Average Life: 2 Days Anabolic Androgenic Ratio: 500:500
Benifite from  Trenbolone Acetate:
Not only will it cause a substantial growth in muscle tissue, but it will also increase density, hardness, vascularity, as well as dryness. It is also a well known strength enhancer and some strength athletes like weight lifters use it in their programs. It is also one of the best drugs for recomping (gaining muscle), as can be evidenced by its use in the meat industry. It also causes quick fat loss. Its role in raising aggression and assertiveness is well known.
it has a double bond on the c9-10 carbon. This makes it totally resistant to the action of aromatase, which converts steroids without this bond into estrogen. So trenbolone is a flexible and versatile anabolic steroid, which provides tremendous muscle gain.It increases the level of IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor) inside the muscle tissue. On the other hand, muscle satellite cells, the cells that repair the damage to muscle fibers also become more sensitive to IGF-1 and related growth factors. It also increases the DNA level in the muscle cells significantly.
Trenbolone Acetate Powder Test Report :

Trenbolone Acetate Powder specification

Test item




 Slight Yellow crystalline powder







Specific Rotation

 +39°~ +43°


Chromatography Purity

 Other impurity spots: 0.5%max



    Total of all other impurities: 1.0%max





Organic Volatile Impurities

 Meets the requirements


Residual Solvents

  Meets the requirements(USP30)


Loss of drying    :0.37%

 0.6% max


Residue on ignition

  0.1% max






The specification conforms to the  USP30 standard


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