Shipping Guide

Mutiple Shipping Methods available to use : 

1: Ship by DHL 

DHL is one of the four biggest Main express in the world. DHL Is fast and safe to most countries Sometime. DHL has widespread service in the world. We will choose its according current shipping condition to make sure all parcels will pass through the customs. 

Delivery time most are about 2-7days.


2: Ship By TNT 

TNT is also one of the four biggest main express in the world, TNT is most used in bulk quantity ship,  enjoy good shipping in somw countries, but it also depends.  TNT Delivery time is about 4~8days to most countries.

Delivery time most are about 4~8days. 


3: Ship By Fedex 

Fedex is also one of the four biigest main express in the world, Set up by USA,. It has the most customs clearance in USA, and normally delivery time is within 6days.  

Delivery time most are about 4~8days. 


4: Ship  By EMS

EMS service covers all the world, has the most widely service amomg them. To be one of the 4 biggest main expresss. 

EMS Is safer but slower compare to others. However it is used to ship with small amount. 

EMS Delivery time to USA,UK,Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Swiss, Denmark..ect are about 4~9days

EMS Delivery time to others like East Europe about 15days. 

EMS Delivery time to Australia, New Zealand about 9days.


5:Ship BY E-pack 

E-packs comes out of B2C Trade business, it is used for small parcels shipping belong two trade business countries. 

It is rather safer for small amount business to use. Although it is slower a lot, but safer a lot than others. 

E-Pack delivery to different countries ,

Delivery time to USA ~ About  12DAYS

Delivery time to UK~ About  10DAYS

Delivery time to CANADA~About  12DAYS

Delivery time to EU ~ABOUT 15 DAYS.

Delivery time to Australia ~about 18days

Delivery time to New Zeland ~18days.