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99% Phenacetin Powder Bulk ship EU Custom cleared
99% Phenacetin Powder Bulk ship EU Custom cleared


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99% Phenacetin Powder EU Counrtries Customs clearanced.
Buy bulk Phenacetin Powder with no customs clearanced to Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece, Ireland
Phenacetin Powder order info:
Min order: 1 Drum of 25kg
Pack : 25kg carber drum
Ship time: ship out within 24hrs after payment arrival. 
Payment time: accept to pay by bitcoin, western union, moneygram,bank wire. 
Price : 1 drum of 25kg Phenacetion Powder Price is 1400USD/
The more large quantity u order, more cheaper Price will be. 
Phenacetin use: 
Also known as acetoyloxyethylaniline. Glossy lobular or scaly crystals, odorless, slightly bitter. The temperature of 134 ~ 137 ° C. Stable in air, very slightly soluble in water, slightly soluble in boiling water, slightly soluble in ether, soluble in ethanol, chloroform. It is prepared by etherification, reduction and acetylation of p-nitrochlorobenzene. It is an anti-inflammatory analgesic for acetanilide. It is suitable for fever, headache, and neuralgia. It is combined with other drugs to form a compound tape.
Antipyretic effect is stronger than analgesic effect. The efficacy of the drug is comparable to that of aspirin, the effect is slow and long-lasting, and the toxicity is low. Studies have shown that this product and its metabolite paracetamol have antipyretic effects. Since phenacetin can not be converted to paracetamol with an enzyme inhibitor, it can still exhibit significant antipyretic effects. Therefore, the antipyretic effect that occurs after the product is not only caused by its active product paracetamol. The mild analgesic effect of phenacetin is generally maintained for 3-4 hours; the synergistic effect with salicylic acid enhances the analgesic effect. It is mainly used for antipyretic and analgesia in small animals. This product is also a component of APC tablets.

Payment options:

1: Pay by bitcoin

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2: Pay by bank wire.


3: Pay by west union.

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Q 1: Where do you ship from?

A1:We ship from china inland or hongkong.


Q2: How do i know you are not a scammer ?

A2: We topraws teams has running for many years with reputations, has many customers all around the world. we won't run our business for your small money. we are not with shortsight.


Q3: What method do you use ?

A3: We have our own logistic company, with many shipping methods to use. include E-pack, HKEMS, China EMS, FEDEX,TNT, DHL,..

We will use the most proper shipping method to ship your order.


Q4: Hong long My order will take ?

A4:Usually it will take 2~6days to USA,UK,Canada,

About 7 days to EU countries,

About 15days to australia, New Zealand.


Q5: Will you do reship policy?

A5:Yes, We have Reship Policy.


Q6: Will you have discount price for bulk order?

A6: Of course, we will have very discount price for bulk.


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